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Step One:
Make a donation of $1USD, using the 'Donate' button above, or sending a money order to us. Include your address to receive a printed tree to send to someone you regularly write to. If you need more than one tree, please add 50 cents for each additional tree. 

Step Two:
  Got the tree, now what?
By hand, write in your city, and state together anywhere on the front (side with tree). 
  Send the tree in the mail (in an envelope with a stamp on front) to someone you would normally write too. Got a church group involved?  How about a account? Participate with those!
E-mail us with questions:


March of the Blanketeers
25 Rte. 111
P.O. Box #1372
Smithtown,NY 11787


Don't have Paypal? That's okay! Send a Money Order to our HQ, listed down below.

Businesses, please click this link, and Fill out the attached Form, to start the chain.
Your Link will get turned into a QR Code, which will be on the back of the Tree, and sent around the US, and World.  Anyone with a SmartPhone, or Tablet will be able to visit your site, which will benefit you, and you will know that you are supporting a good cause.  It's $5USD for businesses, so you can have a significant impact on not only your business but March of the Blanketeers.

If you would like, post a picture of your tree on social media using the hastag:

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